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November 2022

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The mission of the Hull Foundation and Learning Center is to provide programs, facilities and services including social, educational, and recreational activities for people with blindness and sight loss.

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Gratitude, the Fastest Way to Leverage Happiness

Teresa Christian – Sight Loss Instructor and Life Coach

“Gratitude is the mother of all virtues”


Gratitude can help us make a shift from feeling really down about a situation to feeling better and noticing what we do have and what is going well. Being in the gratitude mindset raises your vibration and that means you are radiating positive feelings. When you’re putting out positive vibes you become a magnet for good things. The world then becomes your oyster.

Studies have shown that people who practice gratitude experience a plethora of benefits.

Physically it can lower blood pressure, people tend to have fewer aches and pains, tend to exercise more, and eat better. They have stronger immune systems, sleep better, and feel more refreshed upon waking.

Psychologically it can help people feel more alive, alert, and awake. People experience more optimism, happiness, pleasure, and joy. They tend to have higher levels of positive emotions.

Socially people tend to experience more feelings of compassion, generosity, and forgiveness. They are more outgoing, less lonely, and isolated.

“Gratitude may be the most important key to success” says Benjamin Hardy, author of ‘How to Consciously Design your Ideal Future’.

Gratitude during difficult times is possible. As counterintuitive as it may seem, it can help you get through those hard times.

Robert A. Emmons, Ph.D., is the world’s leading scientific expert on gratitude. He is a professor of psychology at the University of California, Davis, he says that not only is it helpful, but essential.

It is possible to be grateful without feeling grateful. Sometimes things just suck, and life doesn’t feel good at all. If you mentally focus on the good, the feelings will follow. What you focus on expands. The goal of gratitude is to acknowledge difficulty and pain and reframe how you’re thinking about it; it is not to deny or ignore the agony you’re experiencing. It might take some time to reframe the internal story, but well worth it.

Humor is a fabulous coping mechanism; my family has used this extensively to help us get through some truly tragic times in our family. Time plus crisis equals humor. It is a well-known concept in the comedy community that humor is a step away from tragedy.

Give it a try, experiment with it for a while. What do you have to lose except those bad feelings.

Visibility Awareness

By Marja Byers – Sight Loss Instructor

As we head into darker days and foggy mornings, it’s good to have conversations about visibility though I think those of us with sight loss are more aware than most sighted folks.

 Even though I try to limit my outings after dark, at times, I am still out in the dark and on foggy mornings I like to be prepared.

 Light colored clothing is helpful, but not always practical (think blue jeans), but you can choose to use reflective jackets or vests. I keep a “jogging vest” in my purse just in case I’m out later than I had expected, or I left home not knowing how foggy the day was. It’s a lightweight mesh with super reflective bands that really light up when car lights hit them, it rolls up nicely and will fit over whatever I’m wearing. Amazon has many “safety” and “jogging” vests starting around $10. There are many safety jackets available as well, that will increase your daytime visibility. There are a number of different designs of “jogging” vests that light up, that start around $15, they really grab people’s attention! 

 I work with a guide dog and had concerns before I even got him, I was working downtown until 4:00 pm and often traveled home in the dark. I found a LED collar, available in different colors, with two flashing, and solid light settings, it has adjustable sizing and is flexible enough for me to coil it into my purse. From the comments of other pedestrians, as we “flash” down the sidewalk, it is obviously very attention grabbing, which helps us both.

 Another quick help are flashing bike lights, clipped to a coat or bag strap, there are a number of inexpensive light up wrist bands that can be used on more than just your wrist (think knees, ankles, forearms).

 At a recent Convention of The Blind for people here in Oregon, instructors from Portland State University’s Orientation and Mobility Management program spoke. One of the things they talked about was a new cane that is in development called the “See Me Cane”, the idea of a man who is Deaf, Blind and has been hit by cars three times. It looks much like a white light saber with red at the end, those at the conference who were able to try it said that even in daylight, it seemed quite bright. Fingers crossed for his success!

 Darkness and fog and leaves, oh my! So, as I often say, safe travels!

[Lets Talk Travel: Successfully Getting From One Place To Another With Confidence Part 1]{.underline}

By: J. Espinal

Traveling with sight loss during the holiday season can be daunting. This is especially the case with air travel. If you keep the following in mind, you will gain the confidence and skill to get to your loved ones safe and sound. Note: These are merely suggestions. If you have your own methods that work, go ahead and use them.

Before arriving at the airport.

• If you prefer to call to reserve your flight, inform them that you are a traveler with your disability so they may note this in your ticket. Online booking doesn’t always allow for informing the airline that you are a disabled traveler, but you can do this upon arriving at the airport.

• Dress simply for travel. Wear a jacket or pants with large pockets. Keep it as light as possible if you’re carrying a bag. This is so it’s easy to keep track of ID or passport and boarding pass. You’ll have to show these things at least twice before getting to your airplane seat.

• I encourage travelers to arrive at the airport two to three hours before the flight is due to leave. This is especially if they are traveling on busy days through busy airports.

At the airport

• Ask to be dropped off as close to the terminal door as possible. Many airlines have curbside check-in, and this is to your advantage if yours offers this. If the airline doesn’t, ask that your airport transport at least walk you to the terminal door. Airport staff are instructed to assist any travelers with disabilities that appear to be alone.

• Regardless of if you use curbside check-in or not, this next step is the same. When at the counter to check in any bags or obtain your boarding pass, make absolute sure to ask for airport assistance to walk you to your departure gate.

• The airport may insist that you use a wheelchair. This is your choice and not that of airport staff. This is an opportunity to advocate for yourself by being assertive of your needs.

Walking through the airport

• After passing through security, make sure to let your assistant know if you need food, drinks, or anything else. This is because airport assistance doesn’t require them to stay with you at the gate so getting your needs taken care of beforehand is ideal.

• Double check and triple check that you are at the correct gate before letting gate staff know that you arrived. Letting them know of your arrival helps them arrange for someone to take you aboard when it’s time. Also make sure to verify that you need meet-and-assist at this flight’s destination.

• Make sure to sit as close to the gate desk as possible. Disabled travelers are among the first to be let on the plane so make sure to stand when the announcement is made. Make your cane visible if you choose to use it.

On the plane

• Ask a flight attendant to let you know where the emergency doors and bathrooms are in relation to your seat. Also ask them to show you the call button.

Upon landing

• It is recommended to wait until most of the passengers have deplaned before standing up. Ask that you be moved to the front of the plane if you need to wait for airport assistance to get you to baggage claim.

Happy travels!

[Fall Craft Project]{.underline}

By Kat Rogers – Sight Loss Instructor

The Blind Crafty Kat is here with another great crafty project.

Thanksgiving is just around the corner. We could make a centerpiece, or something for the center of the coffee table… Hum??

You could even take it as a Hostess gift if you are going to someone else’s house for Thanksgiving or you could just simply use it on your own table.

All of these items can be picked up at the Dollar Tree for only $1.25 each.

So here is what you will need:

-A basket, this can be of any shape or size you prefer. It all depends upon the size of your coffee table.

-Three to five fake dried sunflowers. They do come in many different colors and sizes so pick according to the size of your basket.

-Fake brown grass, yes this is sold at the Dollar Tree as well.

-Autumn themed ribbon

-Green floral foam, this would be either round or square depending upon the basket that you have chosen.

-Glue dots or your choice of glue.

-Sharp Scissors

Directions for putting it together.

Start with the basket, place it on a firm surface with all of your supplies laid out within reach.

Take the green floral foam and if needed, trim to fit inside your basket. Take your glue dots and put a couple on the bottom of the foam.

Place the fake brown grass over the green foam, trim and tuck it in on the sides.

Then take your sunflowers. Trim off the stems if they are too long and arrange them in the basket by pushing the stems into the foam. Careful not to make a big hole in the foam (If you do, you can fill it in with the glue).

Your final step is to tie the autumn ribbon around the 3 to 5 sunflowers, but not too tightly. Use a glue dot on the ribbon to hold it in place.

Enjoy your autumn arrangements for years to come.

Recipe of the Month!

Cream Cheese Chili


1 Can Black Beans

1 Can Corn (undrained)

1 Can Rotel (undrained)

1 Package Ranch dressing mix

1 tsp Cumin

1 Tbsp Chili Powder

1 tsp Onion Powder

1 8oz package light cream cheese

2 frozen chicken breasts


Drain and rinse the black beans. Place chicken in the crock pot, then pour the whole can of corn, Rotel, and black beans over the top. Top with the seasonings and ranch mix, stir together. Place cream cheese on top. Cover with the lid and cook on low for 6–8 hours. Stir cream cheese into chili, use 2 forks to shred chicken. Serve topped with shredded cheddar cheese and green onions. We like to eat with tortilla chips or place into a tortilla and roll to eat like a burrito.

Enjoy on a cold rainy day!

Hull Foundation and Learning Center Book Club

Our book club meets on the second and fourth Tuesdays of the month on Zoom at 10:00 am, PDT. All of our book selections are determined by our group and are available on BARD through the National Library Service. We welcome all who would like to join in, sighted or not so much, regardless of whether or not you’ve read the book. Our discussions often go far deeper than the printed material!

This month we read and discussed, “3001: the final odyssey” by Arthur C. Clark, and “Where the Crawdads Sing” by Delia Owens.

Both books were thought and discussion provoking! 

Our selections for November are:

11/8 – “22 Seconds”, by James Patterson and Maxine Paetro,

DB108061, 8hrs 19 min.

This is the most recent book in the “Women’s Murder Club” series that is available on BARD.

“SFP Sergeant Lindsay Boxer has guns on her mind. There’s a buzz of the last-ditch shipment of drugs and weapons crossing the Mexican border ahead of new restrictive gun laws. Before Lindsey can act, her top informant tips her to a case that hits disturbingly close to home. Former cops.”

11/22-“A Piece of the World”, by Mildred Walker, 

DB07766, 4hrs 37 min.

 “Told in evocative and lucid pros, “A Piece of the World” is a story about the burdens and blessings of family history, and how artist and muse can come together to forward a new and timeless legacy.”


 We hope you can join in on our always interesting discussions!

Marja Byers, Sight Loss Instructor

Tech Tip

By Marty – Sight Loss Instructor

Restarting Your Device With Siri

In this current operating system for iPhones and iPads there has been some new commands introduced using Siri. One of these commands is restarting your device with Siri. All you need to do is start Siri then say restart my phone. It will ask you if you’re sure you want to restart this device. You say yes. Then it will restart your device and bring you back to the home screen. It’s that easy. Good luck and enjoy.

Winter Holiday Getaway

Our Winter Holiday Getaway will be December 13th – 16th we will play games, crafts, music, and a holiday party. Please call the office if you are interested in attending.

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[Monster Mash!]{.underline}

By Kat Rogers – Sight Loss Instructor

Hey welcome everybody this is Kat coming to you with another fun filled article. As you all know Monster Mash is held every year and 2022 was no exception. The Monstrous Monsters of the 60s was a huge success. There was a full-scale graveyard with cement stones, hanging ghosts, and goblins from the tree with lots of lights shining on all. The graveyard was filled with skeletal creatures of all kinds, there was a cat, dog, birds, several skeletal frogs, and skeletal remains.

There was a Monstrous Haunted Hall. The story of the Hull family was told by the ghost of Mrs. Hull. It seems that her ancestors who used to live here had some unusual habits. There was one relative who had a giant pet spider, she said it can still be found around the park every Halloween. There was another relative who she insisted was a “Grimm”. If you remember the story that was filmed in Portland Oregon, called “Grimm”. Then you would know what he was.

Basically, a grimm is a person who hunts down unusual creatures from grimms fairy tales. These were not always nice creatures, and his job was to put them away. So as her relative was a grimm, he had an unusual trophy room.

The haunted holes that our guests got to explore was extremely interesting and I’m sorry for those who missed it.

They were able to find the giant spider and had to walk through its legs only to find themselves tangled in its spider webs. Once they finally got through all of those webs, goblins and ghosts that were trying to save the spider, what do you think they came across next?

Remember the Grimm, we said he had a strange collection. They stumbled upon his trophy wall. Oh my what they found! I’ll leave it to your imagination as to what that was.

I am sorry if you were not one of the lucky ones to attend, just wait until you hear some of their stories. I’m hoping to compile some of them, and I will let you know via Facebook. Keep an ear out and listen to some of their ghoulish stories. Remember to attend Monster Mash next year for an even Spookier good time.

Upcoming events at the Hull Foundation

-Introduction to Sight Loss Seminar November 9th – 11th

-Hull Foundation Board meeting will be November 10th at 3:00pm PDT via Zoom.

-Blood Drive at Hull Foundation November 23rd 12:00pm

Hull Foundation Presents Zoom Meetings

November Zoom meetings will include some new topics, with the Holidays around the corner we have some cooking classes, crafting, online shopping, and Thanksgiving leftovers classes. If you are interested, please join us. Bring a friend or spouse, sighted or not!! If you would like to sign up to receive a weekly email with the Zoom schedule for the week and the links to the meetings, please email the office at or call us at 503–668–6195. If you are not an email user, then you can call us on Mondays to receive the call-in number and Meeting ID number for meetings you are interested in attending via phone.


[November 1st Tuesday 10–11am PDT]{.underline}

Tech Class with Marty and Michael

November 1st Tuesday 7–8pm PDT

The Chat Café with Teresa and Marja

November 3rd Thursday 10–11am PDT

Cook Along with Desiree

November 3rd Thursday 1–2pm PDT

Sight Loss and Hearing Loss, A group Chat with Jael

November 4th Friday 7–8pm PDT

First Friday with Friends and Family with Marja


November 8th Tuesday 10–11am PDT

Book Club with Marja

November 8th Tuesday 10–11am PDT

Tech Class with Marty and Michael

November 8th Tuesday 7–8pm PDT

The Chat Café with Teresa and Marja

November 9th Wednesday 6:30–8pm PDT

How are you Doing and How are you Dealing?

November 10th Thursday 10–11am PDT

Forgetfulness tips and tricks with Desire

November 10th Thursday 1–2pm PDT

Crafting with Desire


November 15th Tuesday 10–11am PDT

Tech Class with Marty and Michael

[November 15th Tuesday 1–2pm PDT]{.underline}

Online Shopping: Bring the store to your home with Jael

November 15th Tuesday 7–8pm PDT

Chat Café with Teresa

November 17th Thursday 10–11am PDT

Wardrobe Solutions with Desire

November 17th Thursday 1–2pm PDT

Sight Loss and Hearing Loss, a Group Chat with Jael

November 17th Thursday 6–7pm PDT

Navigation Social Situations with Marja


November 22nd Tuesday 10–11am PDT

Book Club with Marja

November 22nd Tuesday 10–11am PDT

Tech Class with Marty and Michael

November 22nd Tuesday 1–2pm PDT

Unique Thanksgiving leftovers with Desiree

November 22nd Tuesday 7–8pm PDT

Chat Café with Teresa

[November 23rd Wednesday 1–2pm PDT]{.underline}

To the store and Back: Tips and Tricks to shopping in person with Jael

[Week 5]{.underline}

[November 29th Tuesday 10–11am PDT]{.underline}

Tech Class with Marty and Michael

[November 29th Tuesday 7–8pm PDT]{.underline}

Chat Café with Teresa

[November 30th Wednesday 1–2pm PDT]{.underline}

Gratitude with Teresa


More Upcoming Events 2023 will be an exciting and fun-filled year! If you are interested in any of our recreational Getaway events, One Day events, Seminars and Retreats, please contact our office and get signed up! The spots can fill up very quickly, so jump in with both feet and save your spot and come out to Hull Park in 2023!

Diamond Jubilee scheduled August 20th, 2023!

Welcome back Fun Day celebration at the park. Barbecue chicken dinner, games, vendors, (if you are an artist with sight loss or know of anyone, please let us know.) and music. If you are interested in volunteering or being on the Diamond Jubilee committee, please contact Kat at 503–668–6195 x404, and leave a message as to what is the best time I can call you back, and the best number. This is our 60th anniversary, we are hoping to make this a spectacular one. We are looking for food carts for desserts, ice cream, or cupcakes.

Please remember this is a great time to set up your RMD (Required Minimum Distribution) and use that money to donate to the Hull Foundation tax free.

Jokes to Keep you Laughing…or Groaning!

Q. What do you call a running turkey?
A. Fast Food!

Q. Why did the guys let the sweet potato join the band?
A. So they could have a yam session!

Q. Why was the Thanksgiving soup so expensive?

A. It had 24 carrots!

Q. Why couldn’t the turkey play baseball?

A. He could only hit FOWL balls!

Stay well, stay safe, and stay happy!

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