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Peer to Peer Support

This program provides information on resources for those living with sight loss and blindness.  We have a team of individuals who will telephone and tell you more about our programs and services.  They will also answer questions and provide information on a variety of topics from safety tips, lighting and magnification options, kitchen gadgets, talking books, and other resources to improve a person’s daily living experience.  We also have team members who assist with apps for phones and computers and other tips on making your electronic devices accessible.

Online Daily Living Zoom Workshops

We hold classes, chats, and workshops online throughout the year on a variety of topics including technology, exercise, health, safety, travel, white canes, cooking, and more.  We even have a book club.  These presentations are free.

Our Zoom workshops and peer to peer support programs are offered at no cost.  You do not have to be legally blind to attend and participants can include family and friends.


Throughout the year we offer a variety of three to seven day events of recreation and social activities designed to challenge and increase self-confidence.  The more active retreats include white water rafting, kayaking, cross country skiing, and hiking.  Other retreats include trips to local venues, music, outdoor/indoor games, crafts, swimming, hot tubbing, and more!  These retreats offer something for every adult.

Living with Sight Loss Seminars

These immersive two night, three day seminars provide an introduction to living with sight loss.  Workshops provided may include information on the variety of low vision equipment available, lighting options, safety tips, using public transportation, kitchen safety and cooking options, and information on ways to continue daily activities and tasks no matter what your level of sight loss. Introductions to use of a guide dog, white cane or other mobility and orientation information is also provided.  Guests are encouraged to bring their partner or primary support person so that they can learn tips from being a guide to how to understand more of your experience.

Get away from all the daily hustle and relax while learning how you can improve your daily life, dealing with vision loss.

To find out more, please email contact us via email, or call us at 503-668-6195.

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