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Sight Loss Monthly December 2022

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December 2022

The Hull Foundation’s

Sight Loss

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Our Mission Statement:

The mission of the Hull Foundation and Learning Center is to provide programs, facilities and services including social, educational, and recreational activities for people with blindness and sight loss.

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Only You can Do YOU Best

By Teresa Christian – Sight Loss instructor

“Today you are you! That is truer than true! There is no one

alive who is you-er than you.”

—Dr. Seuss

At conception, we each get a newly shuffled card deck of DNA. Not even our siblings have the same combination of genes. No one on

earth–past, present, or future–has the same integrated collection of genetic material. We are truly, in every sense, unique. We sell

ourselves (and everyone around us) short when we try to be anyone other than our beautiful selves.

Who else could do you, really and truly? They might be able to do you for a short time, but to become completely you, in every facet of your personality, your thought and speech patterns, facial expressions, your gestures, and your reactions…no, not really.

You are way too unique for anyone to totally duplicate you. That being said, how well could you duplicate someone else? As who you

are, the real and true you, unfolds and you rediscover yourself and fall in love with yourself, you will become a more glorious version of yourself than you thought possible. Not conceited or arrogant, but confident and self-assured. You will not feel the need or desire to be anything but your exquisite self!

“Be who you are because we need you, but we need the real you.”

—Radleigh Valentine

We want the real you, perfect imperfections, and all.

Teresa Christian, Sight Loss Instructor and Life Coach

Our Family’s Holiday Tradition of Advent

By Marja Byers – Sight Loss instructor

 I grew up with a family tradition of celebrating Advent, traditionally recognized by some churches starting the first Sunday after Thanksgiving and ending Christmas Eve. Our family’s approach to Advent has been to focus on some of the simple gifts that we can give to one another, including those you don’t know. It can be as simple as holding doors with a smile and greeting, offering to help carry packages, or buying someone a warm drink on a cold day. One year I made my brother’s school lunches for one week, and he packed five sandwiches a day!

 One of the best Advent gifts I was given when I was in high school was by my big brother, he had drawn my name for our family Christmas exchange and was to “make Christmas” for me. I was well known in my family for spending a lot of time “playing” with my Christmas presents under the tree. Well, shortly after our tree was up and decorated presents started appearing under the tree with my name on them. Pretty soon there were quite a few. I spent lots of time shaking, rolling, sniffing, rearranging, and shifting all of these surprises. Finally, Christmas morning arrived, as I unwrapped my myriad of packages, I discovered that Roger had given me a great Advent adventure. One box had an encyclopedia (from our family set) with wadded newspaper in the corners, the gift was heavy, and crinkly. I had a bottle filled with perfumed cotton balls, another filled with bb’s that rattled. My brother gifted me with hours of fun trying to figure out what could be in all those presents! Best Christmas season ever! He then brought out the wonderful backpack that he had very thoughtfully purchased for me, I cherished that backpack for its usefulness and for all the memories that it held for me. 

 Help bring some light into someone’s life this Advent season, simple things often mean the most.

Marja Byers, Sight Loss Instructor

Lets Talk Travel: Successfully Getting From One Place To Another With Confidence Part 2 By: J. Espinal

Last month I covered the topic of air travel. This month I want to cover traveling on a bus and train with confidence and independence. I find that both forms of travel are quite similar, but I’ll leave it up to you to decide if they’re preferable to flying.

**Note: In this article ‘station’ will be referencing both bus and train hubs.

Before arriving at the station

• When booking your ground travel option make sure to mention that you are blind and/or any other disabilities that you may have. This is especially important if you are traveling alone.

• Note the arrival time of the transport and arrive at the station about an hour or so beforehand. Some bus and train companies have a phone app, website, or phone number you can call to track your transport. I suggest using these to make sure you’re not arriving at the station too early or sometimes the transport may be running early.

• You are allowed to pack snacks and drinks for the ride if you prefer. I strongly recommend this for those with health complications since it can be difficult to find sustenance that adheres to dietary needs.

• Attach something distinct to your luggage. Ribbon, string, yarn or anything unique looking so that staff may be able to more easily locate your luggage.

• Learn the local number for the station you will be traveling from and that of your destination. This is for just in case something goes wrong or extra assistance. More on this in the next section.

At the station

• Stations aren’t always as well-staffed as airports though this shouldn’t deter you from using ground travel. Stations are typically smaller so finding someone to assist shouldn’t be difficult. Calling out for assistance or even finding out the station’s local number beforehand is helpful to inform them of your arrival and need for assistance.

• Ask that you be seated near the doors you will be going through to walk to the transport. This is to make sure that you are noticed at boarding time.

On the transport

• Make sure to ask any questions you have to the staff assisting you before you sit down. Bathroom and emergency exit locations are good things to know. In the case of train travel, it can be hit or miss as to whether or not you may get assistance while the train is in motion.

• Enjoy the ride. I find travel to be enjoyable, especially train travel is particularly enjoyable for me. It is a good opportunity to unplug from most of the world and enjoy the feel of a train in motion.

Upon arrival

• Once you arrive at your destination, make sure to get off as quickly as you are safely able to as time can be limited between stops.

• Ask for assistance the first opportunity you have if you’re not meeting a friend or family at your destination. Once you find the assistance, ask for luggage and for aid to the main entrance.

Putting your garden to bed for the winter

by Kat Rogers – Sight Loss Instructor

Sadly, it is that time of year again when our gardens need to be put to bed. Winterizing gardens will help make your garden shine next year.

First, for those of you who have fruit trees, you want to make sure that you are picking up all of the fallen fruit from the ground. Please do not put it in your compost pile as most of this fruit will have some type of fruit flies, apple flies, or cherry flies, flies we do not want! You don’t need to waste it so if you have a neighbor who has pigs or goats, give it to them to feed to their animals. Do not put them in your compost pile. That will add to the fly infestation for next year.

Autumn is the perfect season to not only put your garden to rest, but to reflect on the growing season. Come up with ways to improve in the next year. You need to clear your garden, protect your garden beds and all the plants that are in them. Rejuvenate soil nutrients that were depleted during the season by adding your leaves and grass cuttings. You do not need to mulch them in currently, as they decompose, they will go into the ground themselves. You will want to be able to preserve any seeds that you are hoping to reuse for next year. I have been told that people with sunflowers leave the dried heads out for their birds, which I think is an excellent idea. If you have any diseases that are your plants, such as the black spots on roses, make sure that you are picking those discarded leaves up and tossing them in the trash. Do not put them in your compost pile. If you have any plants that are in pots that you wish to hold over the winter, bring them inside or put them in a greenhouse. If you have greenery in the ground, there are frost covers that you can purchase from Amazon for about $10 that fit over them quite easily. Please remember to look at the size as they do come in many different sizes.

You will want to cut your perennials back, usually about 2 inches above the soil surface. Cutting back your roses to within a foot or two of the ground. Rabbits and deer are going to be searching for food in the winter as well, so you need to make sure that you have wrapped the roses or other perennials to prevent the animals from destroying new growth when it does start to come out.

If you have any questions, you are more than welcome to call the office and let them know and I will get back to you with the answers.

Have a fantastic winter. I will be continuing with “Kat in the garden” in the springtime.

Recipe of the Month!

By Desiree – Sight Loss Instructor

Drinks for Deserts

Even after the pie is gone, the turkey or ham has been put away we still find ourselves sipping on some sort of beverage. What if instead of stuffing ourselves even more this holiday season with one little “sliver” of dessert, we drank it instead. Here a few of my favorite super easy drinks as desserts.


Caribbean Eggnog Alternative. Great for vegans, lactose intolerant, and eggnog haters.


14 oz (1 can) sweet, condensed milk

12 oz (1 can) evaporated milk

13.5 oz (1 can) coconut milk

15 oz (1 can) cream of coconut

1 teaspoon cinnamon

1 teaspoon nutmeg

2 teaspoons vanilla extract

2 ½ cups light rum


In a blender or extra-large bowl or stockpot combine all the ingredients except the rum and whisk well until frothy. Then add rum if desired.

It is recommended to serve in small drinking glasses and served cold.

Leftovers can be kept refrigerated for about a week.

Cold Butterbeer with a Foamy Top

Courtesy of Harry Potter Activists of Portland. This recipe is not as tooth achingly sweet as what is served at Universal Studios.


One bottle of vanilla cream soda (We like Virgil’s)

1-2 tbs butterscotch sauce

Alcoholic option: 1oz Butterscotch Schnapps and/or 1 oz vodka


Pour the Cream soda into a pint glass or any large mouth glass. Stir in the butterscotch sauce. As you stir, a lovely frothy topping will form on the top! After the butterscotch sauce is mixed in, you can add the alcohol if you wish.

Hot Creamy Butterbeer

Courtesy of Harry Potter Activists of Portland. This recipe is not as tooth achingly sweet as what is served at Universal Studios.


liter of cream soda

1 cup butterscotch syrup

1 cup butterscotch creamer

whipped cream – optional

Substitution: Instead of 1 cup of syrup and 1 cup of creamer. If you can’t find butterscotch creamer, use 1 ½ cup butterscotch syrup with ½ cup half and half or cream. You can also use butter scotch sauce, but you will need to make up for the amount of liquid by adding more soda or half and half.


Add cream soda into a large pot over medium heat. Bring to a low simmer for 5 minutes, or until all the carbonation is gone. Sometimes the fizz of the soda can be mistaken for a simmer. Look and listen for light bubbling.

Turn heat to low and stir in butterscotch syrup. Once well-combined, remove from heat and slowly stir in creamer.

Serve with whipped cream if desired.

Mulled Cider or Wine

Yield: 6 to 8 servings


For the Wine:

4¼ cups/1-liter red wine

1¼ cups/10 ounces brandy

½ cup dark brown sugar

For the Cider:

5 ½ cups Unfiltered Cider

For both:

2 large oranges

2 cinnamon sticks

6 whole cloves

3 cardamom pods, slightly crushed


Step 1: Using a peeler, remove the peel in strips from 1 orange then juice the orange. Slice the second orange into rounds and reserve for garnish.

Step 2: IF Cider, in a large saucepan or stockpot combine the orange peel and juice plus the rest of the ingredients.

IF Wine, then in a nonreactive saucepan or stockpot, combine orange peel and juice, plus the rest of the ingredients. Stir over medium heat until the sugar dissolves, about 2 minutes.

For Both, increase the heat to high, bring mixture to a boil, then immediately reduce the heat to low. Simmer gently until flavors meld, about 30 minutes. Strain the mixture, discarding the solids.

Step 3: Ladle into cups or mugs. Garnish each with a reserved orange round.

Giving Tuesday

Join the movement and give – each Tuesday and every day – whether it’s some of your time, a donation, or the power of your voice in your local community.

It’s a simple idea: whether it’s making someone smile, helping a neighbor or stranger out, showing up for an issue or people we care about, or giving some of what we have to those who need our help, every act of generosity counts, and everyone has something to contribute toward building the better world we all want to live in.

Hull Foundation and Learning Center Book Club

***We are changing our time***

Our book club meets on the second and fourth Tuesdays of the month, starting on December 13th we will start meeting on Zoom at 1:00 pm PST. This allows for book club attendees to participate in the weekly Tech Calls with Marty and Michael that are at 10:00 am every Tuesday.

This month we discussed “22 Seconds”, by James Patterson, and Maxine Paetro and “A Piece of the World”, by Mildred Walker.

Our books for December will be:

“A State of Terror”, by Hillary Rodham Clinton, Louise Penny, and Joan Allen.

DB105509, 15hrs 44min. We chose a long book since we have three weeks between book club Zooms.

“State of Terror is a political-mystery novel.”

12/27 “A Paris Library”, by Janet Skeslien Charles.

DB102251, 11hrs 55min

“Based on the true story of the heroic librarians at the American Library in Paris during World War ll.”

I also suggest for anyone who enjoys books and Christmas, a wonderful heart warmer by Fannie Flagg, author of “Fried Green Tomatoes”.

“A Redbird Christmas”, written and read by Fannie Flagg. DB58836, 5hrs 33min.

We hope to see you at book club, December 13 at 1:00 pm!

Marja Byers, Sight Loss Instructor

Tech Tip

By Marty – Sight Loss Instructor

Have you ever wanted an easier way to open apps on iPhone or iPad? Try using Siri. All you have to do is start Siri and ask to open whatever app you would like. For example, start Siri and ask her to open messages, mail, or Safari. This is a great way to open apps quickly. Give it a try. Good luck!

One Day Fun Day and Winter Retreat!

By Kat Rogers – Sight Loss Instructor

Hello everyone, this is your program director Kat Rogers. Bringing you another fantastic adventure starting in 2023. It is going to be an Exciting, fun filled year starting in January with our One Day Fun Day on January 11th. From my experience with our One Day Fun Days, our guests have so much fun, that they are anxious to return. 2023 will bring new and intriguing adventures. As January is cold, One Day Fun Day will be an indoor event. So please call the office for more details. 503-668-6195.

Coming up in February is our Winter Retreat. This will be February 5th through the 11th. With six nights filled with many fun activities and 7 days filled with plenty of fun in the snow. We will be using “Adventures Without Limits” for cross country skiing and snowshoeing. We are looking forward to snow tubing this year, as well as many other fun winter activities. Bring your: Snow boots, gloves, hats, and come join us for a fantastic Winter Retreat. February 5th through the 11th 2023.

(Limited Scholarships available for those who qualify)

Upcoming events at the Hull Foundation

-Winter Holiday Getaway Dec 13th -16th

-Office will be closed December 17th – January 3rd

-One Day Fun Day January 11th

-Intro to Sight Loss Seminar January 17 – 19th

-Winter Retreat February 5 – 11th


>ha id=”11″>Hull Foundation Presents Zoom Meetings

December Zoom meetings will include some new topics, with the Holidays around the corner we have some cooking classes, crafting, and a class on forgetfulness. If you are interested, please join us. Bring a friend or spouse, sighted or not!! If you would like to sign up to receive a weekly email with the Zoom schedule for the week and the links to the meetings, please email the office at or call us at 503-668-6195. If you are not an email user, then you can call us on Mondays to receive the call-in number and Meeting ID number for meetings you are interested in attending via phone.


December 1st Thursday 10-11am PDT

Cook along with Desiree

December 1st Thursday 1-2pm PDT

Sight Loss and Hearing Loss, a group chat

December 2nd Friday 7-8pm PDT

First Friday with Family and Friends


December 6th Tuesday 10-11am PDT

Tech Class with Marty and Michael

December 6th Tuesday 7-8pm PDT

The Chat Café with Teresa and Marja

December 7th Wednesday 6:30-8pm PDT

How are you Doing and How are you Dealing?

December 8th Thursday 10-11am PDT

Forgetfulness tips and tricks with Desiree

December 8th Thursday 1-2pm PDT

Crafting with Desiree


December 13th Tuesday 10-11am PDT

Tech Class with Marty and Michael

December 13th Tuesday 1-2pm PDT

Book Club

December 13th Tuesday 7-8pm PDT

Chat Café with Teresa

December 15th Thursday 10-11am PDT

Wardrobe Solutions with Desiree

December 15th Thursday 1-2pm PDT

Sight Loss and Hearing Loss, a Group Chat with Jael

December 15th Thursday 6-7pm PDT

Navigating Social Situations with Marja


December 20th Tuesday 10-11am PDT

Tech Class with Marty and Michael

December 20th Tuesday 7-8pm PDT

Chat Café with Teresa

Week 5

December 27th Tuesday 10-11am PDT

Tech Class with Marty and Michael

December 27th Tuesday 1-2pm PDT

Book Club

December 27th Tuesday 7-8pm PDT

Chat Café with Teresa

More Upcoming Events
2023 will be an exciting and fun-filled year! If you are interested in any of our recreational Getaway events, One Day events, Seminars and Retreats, please contact our office and get signed up! The spots can fill up very quickly, so jump in with both feet and save your spot and come out to Hull Park in 2023!

Thank you!

By Kat – Sight Loss Instructor

Oh, my, my, the end of the year is fast approaching. We at the Hull Foundation and Learning Center want to express our great appreciation to all the Volunteers who shared their time throughout 2022 to keep us going.

We also want to give great thanks to our many donors. It has been a transitional year, and with your help we have been successful. We are a 503-C nonprofit, so your donations are tax deductible. Please call the office for more information.

For those of you not familiar with our ongoing fundraisers, and other campaigns, call the office at 503-668-6195 for a list of how you may help to keep the Hull Foundation and Learning Center going, so that we can continue to support adults with blindness and sight loss to maintain their independence. Donations made prior to Dec 31st, 2022 can be deducted from most taxes.

Diamond Jubilee scheduled August 20th, 2023!

Welcome back Fun Day celebration at the park. Barbecue chicken dinner, games, vendors, (if you are an artist with sight loss or know of anyone, please let us know.) and music. If you are interested in volunteering or being on the Diamond Jubilee committee, please contact Kat at 503-668-6195 x404, and leave a message as to what is the best time I can call you back, and the best number. This is our 60th anniversary, we are hoping to make this a spectacular one. We are looking for food carts for desserts, ice cream, or cupcakes.

Jokes to Keep you Laughing…or Groaning!

Q. Where does Santa keep all his money?
A. At the local snowbank!

Q. Why did Santa Clause get a parking ticket on Christmas Eve?
A. He left his sleigh in a snow parking zone!

Q. What does Santa stay at the start of a race?

A. Ready, set, Ho! Ho! Ho!

Q. What do you call an obnoxious reindeer?

A. Rude-olph!

Stay well, stay safe, and stay happy!

The Hull Foundation Family
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