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Sight Loss Monthly August 2022

 August 2022

The Hull Foundation’s

Sight Loss Monthly News

Picture is of guest who attended our High Adventure retreat and is climbing a rock wall that is in the shade and covered with green moss with ropes and a harness.  Below him on the ground is an instructor giving instructions and holding the rope to secure them from falling.

Welcome Summer!


Celebrating 60 Years! 1962-2022 “The publishing of this newsletter is a service of The Hull Foundation and Learning Center Inc. It is not an endorsement of any of its contents.  All products, items and other information may be used at the sole discretion of the reader.”  
Editors, Hull Foundation Staff


Mission Statement …p. 3

Update on Sandy Mountain Festival …p. 4

Tip of the Month…p. 6

Tech Tip Checking Your Battery Health …p. 8
Let’s Have an Adventure…p. 9

Sunday Parkways…p. 13

Volunteers…p. 14

Recipes of the Month…p. 15
Quick Berry Picking Tips…p. 24

Book Club…p. 25

Zoom Meetings…p. 26

Living with Sight Loss Introduction Seminar…p. 30

Upcoming Events…p. 31

Jokes to Keep You Laughing… p. 34
Contact Us…p. 35

Our Mission Statement:

The mission of the Hull Foundation and Learning Center is to provide programs, facilities and services including social, educational, and recreational activities for people with blindness and sight loss.

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Update on Sandy Mountain Festival

Hello, here is your friendly neighborhood Kat with an update as to how the Sandy Mountain Festival and Gresham Art Festival went. 

Tina Christian and I represented the Hull Foundation and Learning Center at both Festivals in the beginning of July.  We were able to donate close to $200 to Hull Foundation and Learning Center to help continue keeping hopes and dreams alive. 

As this was our first attempt at fundraising this way, I am hoping that we can raise even more in the future.  For more information, please visit Tina Christian’s Instagram:


Email: u.from.a.blind.lens.

We handed out several newsletters and flyers to potential future guests to our Zoom Gatherings as well as our Living with Sight Loss seminars. 

On behalf of myself and Tina Christian, I want to thank those who helped set up and tear down. Our volunteers consisted of Robert Goughnour, Greg Johnson, Jennifer & Isaac Simon, Steve Floura, and Kerith Vance for putting in several hours each, and Monica Butler for transportation. And a Super Big Thanks to one of the Sandy Mountain Festival volunteers, Lisa Snyder who came to our rescue Saturday night with a ride back to the park…. 

Again, much thanks… 


By Marja Byers – Sight Loss Instructor

On July 16th a new service was launched nationwide-988 Suicide and Mental Health Crisis Hotline, that you can call or text. This has been several years in the making; the efforts are in hope of getting people the appropriate help that they need during a mental health crisis. Up to this point many people in crisis are often reported to law enforcement who are often not trained as to how to handle such situations, the outcomes are very often sad.

 When someone calls 988, whether they are in crisis or a loved one of someone in crisis, they will not get a busy signal or put on hold. Callers will be connected to a trained crisis counselor that is in the center closest to them, if all those lines are busy, the call will be routed to one of 16 backup centers around the country. The Secretary of Health and Human Services, Xavier Becerra, stated, “You will get help!”

 The original National Suicide Prevention Lifeline’s 10-digit number will still work, but it will transfer to the 988 lines.

 Please remember that this is the roll out of a new national service, it’s bound to be bumpy for a while. As Becky Stoll, vice president for crisis and disaster management for Centerstone (behavioral health and addiction service provider) said, “We’ve got to get the training wheels on it and get it out of the garage and start pedaling, knowing that this is a process.”

Tech Tip Checking Your Battery Health

By Marty Sobo – Sight Loss Instructor

Checking Your Battery Health on iPhone & iPad.

Does it seem like your battery is not lasting as long as it used to? There’s a simple way to check your batteries health to find out where your device stands. Go to Settings, Battery, then in the list choose Battery Health. Once there you will find all the information about your current battery health. It will tell you how much life is left whether it’s strong or weak along with a bunch of other information.

NOTE – No battery lasts forever. They all get weak or die at some point. The average life of a battery is around three years. Sometimes you get longer and sometimes it may be a little shorter. In some instances, it’s possible to get a new battery in your device. You’ll have to weigh out the cost of replacing the battery over purchasing a new device.

Let’s Have an Adventure

Curiosity and Results: What’s the Connection?

Part Two of Two

By Teresa Christian – Sight Loss Instructor

Curiosity in Life

Helen Keller said, “Life is a daring adventure or nothing at all!” When you cultivate an attitude of curiosity, doors open, and adventures begin; questions lead to new possibilities. For example, asking yourself, “What do I want to learn now and where might that lead me?” can set you on a journey of exciting exploration that moves you forward. If, instead, you come from the place of “I already know what I need to know,” you shut off the possibility of discovering something new that could rock your world.

Curiosity in Relationships

How often we assume we know what someone else is thinking or experiencing. What if we came from a place of not knowing and offered others an invitation to speak? According to Sharon Ellison, creator of Powerful Non-Defensive Communication, “A non-defensive question is innocently curious, reflecting the purity of the child who asks how a flower grows or what makes an airplane fly.” We invite others to share their true experience when we ask questions without hidden agendas and to clarify understanding.

Practice Cultivating Curiosity

Here are some ways to cultivate a more curious life.

• Questions. Practice asking questions with openness and neutrality. Practice with strangers in stores and with people close to you and yourself. Stop thinking you know all the answers and being absolutely sure you can’t do a thing, when, in fact, you might be able to, but just don’t know how quite yet…be open to being surprised!

• Inquiries. An inquiry is an open-ended question designed to broaden your perspective. For example: “What would make life a daring adventure for me?” “Where in my life do I assume I already know?”

• Assumptions. These impact how we treat strangers as well as loved ones and we limit ourselves without even recognizing we are doing so. Challenge your assumptions by asking, “What if that’s not true?” What other choices might you make then?

If you truly want to expand your excitement, joy and fulfillment in life and relationship, sprinkle liberal doses of curiosity and watch your life become the fabulous adventure it can be!

Curious? Let the adventure begin!

Teresa is totally blind, was a massage therapist, Social Worker, single mother of two, grandmother of two, daughter of a mother with advanced dementia and has had six guide dogs. And yes, just for the record, used power tools and changed tires.

Her passions are reading fantasy and personal development books, dancing, singing and playing the piano, flying in private planes, but best of all she loves meeting new people and spending time with friends. She currently is an author and Empowerment Coach in Portland Oregon.

Stay curious and stay awesome!

Sunday Parkways

Mary Lee Turner will have a booth at the Sunday Parkways event on Sunday August 21st where she will be handing out information on the white cane law and talking about what is going on at Hull Park.  It starts at Gateway Discovery Park and ends at Parklane park in east Portland.  This looks like a great event if you would like to get out and go for a walk.  It is a ½ mile walk and a great way to get involved with making these parks more accessible.  There will be live music, food vendors, and resources.  If you would like more information, go to


Hello everyone, this is your friendly neighborhood Kat again I am calling on all of our volunteers. We have many openings with the Moderate and High Adventure retreats as well as yard work, office work, trail cleanup, and phone calls.  Call the office for more information but please understand that volunteering is not just helping us but you’re helping yourself as well. God bless and I hope to see you soon!


Recipes of the Month

By Tina – Sight Loss Instructor

I know when summer hits, the last place you want to spend a lot of time is in the kitchen right? Here are a few recipes of mine that I hope you find tasty and will keep you cool in the heat of August. Enjoy!

We’re starting off with dessert because why not!

Tina’s Orange Dream

1 Box of Sugar Free Orange Jell-O

1 Box of Sugar Free Vanilla Pudding

3/4 c. Boiling Water

1/2 c. Cold Water

1 8oz. Container of Extra Creamy or Zero Sugar Cool Whip

2 14oz. Cans of Mandarin Oranges Drained

1/4 c. Greek Vanilla Yogurt 

1/2 c. Chopped Macadamia Nuts

1/4 -1/2 c. Shredded Coconut 


Tiny Marshmallows


1. Because it’s summer and I prefer not melting and making the house hot, the microwave is going to be our cooking partner of choice.

Boil water in a large microwave safe bowl for 4 to 5 minutes. If you don’t have a microwave; boil on the stove for 5 to 7 minutes.

2. Stir in the orange Jell-O for 2 minutes until dissolved. Then stir in cold water. 

3. Chill in the refrigerator for 20 – 30 minutes.

4. Stir in pudding mix. Chill for another 20-30 minutes. 

5. In the meantime, roughly chop Macadamia nuts with a nut chopper or if you’re feeling like you don’t want to exert yourself with a hand chopper or electric grinder buy pre-chopped, I won’t be offended. However, if you’re feeling like, “Hey I want to get my arm workout for the day because I don’t own or want to wash a chopper or grinder and don’t have time to hunt down pre-chopped nuts!”-

I don’t blame you, I’d put the nuts in a Ziploc and smash them 3 – 4 times with a rolling pin or a 14oz (or bigger) can. Set aside. We don’t need to create dirty dishes it’s warm out.

6. Drain oranges well.

7. Grab the bowl out of the refrigerator and gently fold in your Cool Whip of choice, yogurt, nuts, oranges, and coconut. 

8. Top with tiny marshmallows and coconut. Eat up and enjoy.

Tip: I personally like my coconut toasted. If you know it’s going to be hot later in the day do this in the morning and bag it until you make dessert. To toast: preheat the oven to 350 degrees. Line a cookie sheet with parchment – I mean why wash a pan later? Toast for 8 to 10 mins. until golden by stirring every 2 mins. If you prefer deeper golden flakes go for 2 to 3 more mins. but check each min.


Tina’s Light Chicken Salad 


3/4 c of plain Greek yogurt 

1/4 c. white vinegar 

1/8-1/4 tsp. Salt

2 tsp. honey mustard or a couple of good squirts if you don’t feel like measuring 

1/4 tsp. onion powder

1 tsp. poppyseeds 

1-2 tablespoons of Truvia granulated sugar sub. Or your preferred brand honey


2 chicken breasts cubed, or 4 thighs cubed

1/2 bag of baby spinach 

3 medium nectarines sliced

3/4 c. feta cheese

1 medium avocado peeled and sliced

1 c blueberries 

1/2 c. almonds 

1/2 c. red cabbage finely sliced

1. If you’re not wanting to heat up an oven, get your chicken from the deli – roasted not fried and debone it. Chop it and continue to assemble your salad.

If you’re feeling like hey too spendy do this instead: buy boneless/skinless chicken.

A. Make sure the rack is on the second wrung from the top. Preheat the oven for broil aka 500 degrees.

B. Line a baking sheet with parchment or foil. No pan wash later

C. Drizzle Avocado oil on the parchment. Rub the chicken in it on both sides. Make sure both sides are well coated. Sticking is no joke. Sprinkle: onion powder, chili powder, pepper, salt cumin, and oregano on one side

D. Broil breasts for 10 minutes 

Broil thighs for 12-14 minutes

E. Let them stand for 5 minutes. You want them juicy right- right!

2. In a large bowl, add all salad ingredients (except avocado and almonds) and toss. Don’t forget to slice the fruits and cabbage. Top with almonds and avocado.

For the dressing:

1. In a small bowl whisk together the dressing ingredients. 

2. If you find its not sweet enough because of the tang add a couple squirts of honey. 

3. Drizzle over salad. Eat up.


Tina’s Watermelon Coolers

1/2 – 1 whole personal size watermelon 

1/2 – 1 can of sprite

1 lime

1 watermelon sorbet

1-2oz. Rum or vodka (optional)

Lime zest

Lime wedge


1. Chop watermelon. Blend it until it becomes juice consistency.

2. Strain it through a fine strainer into a pitcher. 

3. Add 1/2 can of sprite for half watermelon whole can for 1 watermelon to pitcher

4. Cut 1/2 lime for garnish. Set aside. Zest and squeeze 1/2 lime & add to the pitcher. 

A. At this point you could add vodka or rum if you choose.

5. Stir the mixture well.

6. Wet glass rim with a lime wedge. 

7. On a saucer or in a bowl put enough salt to rim the glass. To do so, dip the top of the (limed rim) glass in salt. Tap off the excess. 

8. Scoop or melon ball sorbet into glasses.

9. Pour watermelon cooler over sorbet. Add lime wedge. Drink up.

Well, that’s it friends, I hope you enjoy these easy summer recipes and keep cool in the kitchen. Have fun and take care.


Quick Berry Picking tips

By Kat – Sight Loss Instructor

Quick picking tips for all your ripe berries. So, you found your blueberries, raspberries, and everything are ready to be picked but you’re not sure if you can do so. I have found that if you go to pick your berries and you roll them with your thumb and they come off easily into your palm they’re ready to be picked, however, if you have to tug or they’re fighting you leave them alone because they’re not ready to be picked. This method can be used for items in the future also like your huckleberries, blackcaps, and marionberries along with all those that will be ripening maybe next month depending upon your elevation.

Hull Foundation and Learning Center Book Club

When:  Tuesday August 9th & 23rd, 2022, at 10:00am.

In July we read “E.R. nurses: true stories from America’s greatest unsung heroes” by James Patterson and Matt Eversmann DB105256

In August we are reading “Vision Loss: Strategies for living with hope and independence” by Peggy R. Wolfe” DBC24679

We are always looking for new friends to join the book club. If the books we are reading don’t pique your interest, come to the next book club meeting, and share your favorite books. Join us for a fun hour of discussion and comradery!  Come prepared with ideas for our next books!

Hull Foundation Presents Zoom Meetings

August Zoom meetings will include a presentation of upcoming events happening at the park, a summer recipe swap, and another favorite, Decluttering!  Bring a friend or spouse, sighted or not!! If you would like to sign up to receive a weekly email with the Zoom schedule for the week and the links to the meetings, please email the office at or call us at 503-668-6195. If you are not an email user, then you can call us on Mondays to receive the call-in number and Meeting ID number for meetings you are interested in attending via phone.


August 2nd Tuesday 1-2pm PDT

Upcoming events at Hull Park with Jael 

August 2nd Tuesday 7-8pm PDT

The Chat Café with Teresa and Marja

August 4th Thursday 1-2pm PDT

Recipe Swap with Jael

August 5th Friday 7-8pm PDT

First Friday with Friends and Family with Marja


August 9th Tuesday 10-11am PDT

Reading in the dark Book Club with Marja

August 9th Tuesday 7-8pm PDT

The Chat Café with Teresa and Marja

August 11th Thursday 1-2pm PDT

Sight loss and Hearing loss, a group chat with Jael

August 11th Thursday 6:30-8pm PDT

How are you doing and How are you Dealing?


August 16th Tuesday 1-2pm PDT

Chat with the Executive Director with Monica

August 16th Tuesday 7-8pm PDT

The Chat Café with Teresa and Marja

August 18th Thursday 6-7pm PDT

Navigating Social Situations: Visually Impaired Vs Sighted with Marja

August 19th Friday 10-11am PDT

Decluttering with Teresa


August 23rd Tuesday 10-11am PDT

Reading in the dark Book Club with Marja

August 23rd Tuesday 1-2pm PDT

Tell us your Story with Marja

August 23rd Tuesday 7-8pm PDT

The Chat Café with Teresa

August 24th Wednesday 6:30-8pm PDT

How are you Doing and How are you Dealing with Marja

Week 5

August 30th Tuesday 7-8pm PDT

The Chat Café with Teresa and Marja

August 31st Wednesday 10-11am PDT

Help! I have Wardrobe challenges!

August 31st Wednesday 6:30-8pm PDT

Talking Books Q&A with Marja

Living with Sight Loss Introduction Seminar
We will be hosting an Introduction to Living with Sight Loss Seminar at Hull Park in the fall of 2022. The 2-night and 3-day schedule will contain immersive, hands-on workshops covering information to maintain independence, build self-confidence and converse with people who share sight loss. Topics include daily living skills, orientation and mobility functional information, vision assessments, sight aids, home organization tips, and more! Please contact the office at 503-668-6195 to request more information and a registration form.

More Upcoming Events
2022 will be an exciting and fun-filled year! If you are interested in any of our recreational Getaway events, one day events and Retreats, please contact our office and get signed up! The spots can fill up very quickly, so jump in with both feet and save your spot and come out to Hull Park in 2022!

Volunteers needed to fill many spots for this summer. Please call the office for more information. 


The High adventure Retreat is coming very soon. We are filling spots quickly and the deadline to sign up is August 10th.  Activities will include our 2nd Casino Night, white water rafting, kayaking, hiking, and rock climbing just to name a few. It is going to be a fantastic retreat. Call the office for more details 503-668-6195


One Day Fun Day

The Hull Foundation is taking you on a trip to the Tillamook Cheese Factory in Tillamook Oregon September 20th!

The drive will be a long one but well worth it. We will be picking up everyone at Carl’s Jr. in Gresham at 8 a.m. sharp and start heading west… We will stop along the way for bit to stretch and let the dogs walk a bit. Tina and Kat will be leading trivia games along the way. The deadline to register is September 12th.  We expect this to sell out fast as we are limited to only 15 people. Call the office for your reservations and more information 503-668-6195. 


Diamond Jubilee scheduled August 20th, 2023!

Welcome back Fun Day celebration at the park. Barbecue chicken dinner, games, vendors, (if you are an artist with sight loss or know of anyone, please let us know.) and music. If you are interested in volunteering or being on the Diamond Jubilee committee, please contact Kat at 503-668-6195 x404, and leave a message as to what is the best time I can call you back, and the best number. This is our 60th anniversary, we are hoping to make this a spectacular one. We are looking for food carts for desserts, ice cream, or cupcakes.

 Jokes to Keep you Laughing…or Groaning!

Q. Why didn’t the sun go to college?
A. He already had a million degrees!

Q. How do teddy bears keep their den cool in the summer?
A. They use bear conditioning!

Q.  Where do sharks go on summer vacation?

A.  Finland!

Q.  What do you call a witch who lives on the beach?

A.  a sandwich!

Stay well, stay safe, and stay happy!

        The Hull Foundation Family
Phone:  503-668-6195  



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