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Sight Loss Monthly October 2021

October 2021

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A Message from Kerith Vance, Executive Director…p. 4

Eyesight and Balance, Part 2 …p. 6

Tip of the Month:   Employment Corner- Your Skills and Abilities …p.  8

Tech Tip:  New iPhones …p. 12

Reading in the Dark Book Club …p. 14

Sight Loss Artist Event …p. 16

Hull Foundation Presents Zoom Meetings …p. 17

October Zoom Schedule…p. 18

Living with Sight Loss Seminar…p. 22

Virtual Walkathon …p.  23

Membership Month …p.  

Upcoming Events…p. 25

Jokes to Keep Us Laughing …p. 26

Our Mission Statement:

The mission of the Hull Foundation and Learning Center is to provide programs, facilities and services including social, educational, and recreational activities for people who are blind and visually impaired.

“Keeping Hope & Dreams Alive!”

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Message from Kerith Vance, Executive Director:

October is one of my favorite times of the year.  The air gets cool and crisp, the leaves turn beautiful colors, and pumpkins and squash are everywhere!  This year, I am also learning a lot about White Cane Safety Day and its history.  

In 1964, October 15th became White Cane Safety Day.   The white cane is an extension of the arm of the user, allowing them to receive a preview of the environment they are walking in.  People who are using a white cane, likely received training from an orientation and mobility specialist that created a training especially for the individual to help them in their daily travels.  

The Hull Foundation’s White Cane Safety brochure has a statement “when you see a person with a white mobility cane… Celebrate!!  – they have chosen an active lifestyle and obtained the skills to do so.”  

Please check out our Zoom schedule as we have several of our October programs that will include topics related to white canes and White Cane Safety Day.  We also have a Living with Sight Loss Seminar in mid-October at Oral Hull Park that will have some related information as well.  You will learn more about how to sign up for the multi-day seminar later in this newsletter.  



Eyesight and Balance, Part 2

By Marja Byers, Sight Loss Instructor

When I first started working with a vocational rehabilitation counselor at the Oregon Commission for the Blind, one of my earliest questions was if sight loss interfered with balance? Her response was, “Yes, but we just don’t talk about it.” I was not sure how to interpret that! I believe that it’s important to talk to people new to sight loss about it and then give some resources to help them.

Let’s talk about fall prevention programs.

The Oregon Health Authority lists three programs for fall prevention. “Stepping On” is a seven-week, small group participation program. “Otago” is in home with a physical therapist and offers much the same training as Stepping On. Tai Chi is also highly recommended for improving balance, but I have not found the right teacher for me yet.

This is from the OHA website:

Older adults who should attend are those who: a) are at risk of falling, b) have a fear of falling, or c) who have fallen one or more times.

Subjects covered include:

· Improving balance and strength

· Home hazards

· Moving about safely

· Community safety

· Vision and falls

· Medication management

· Bone health

· Footwear

· Sleeping better

There may be a cost involved.  My doctor referred me to our local Otago program when I voiced concerns about my balance as he knew that my Medicare would cover the cost. Looking online I found several free programs and some with unspecified cost with possible scholarships or sliding scale offered.

It was amazing to me at how differently we move (or don’t) as we get older, by the end of my home visits they had me walking backward in a figure eight! 

Tip of the Month

Employment Corner – Your Skills & Abilities

By Carrie Muth, Sight Loss Instructor

Do you want to work, but have no idea how to proceed? Does the thought of working scare you? Do you believe you have nothing to offer to a potential employer? —- Well, think again; we all have skills, talents, enthusiasm, & assets to bring to the workplace. 

According to a Forbes article (, there are 12 skills that are the most important to succeed at work.

  1. Learnability; the ability to learn, grow, & adapt your skills to the ever-changing workplace
  2. Resiliency; the ability to bounce back in times of difficulty
  3. Agility; the ability to change gears when needed
  4. Collaboration; the ability to work as part of a team
  5. Verbal Communication; the ability to clearly share information
  6. Written Communication; the ability to write effectively
  7. Empathy; the ability to understand others & let them feel as if they are heard
  8. Creativity; the ability to think outside the box & come up with new ideas
  9. Problem-Solving; the ability to think through problems & come up with effective solutions.
  10. Leadership; the ability to motivate & encourage those around you to perform to the best of their ability
  11. Negotiation; the ability to find an acceptable middle-ground
  12. Technology; the ability to keep up with the ever-changing technology. This is not just the ability to use current technology effectively, but the ability to learn & grow with advancing technology.

How many of the above skills are you confident in? Do you need to embrace learnability & improve some skills? 

We are often our worst enemy when it comes to accurately assessing our skills. Talk to those around you, ask them what your skills are. Also, ask them what skills you can improve on. Be willing to accept constructive criticism.

Hull Foundation & Learning Center is a great place to put these skills to work. Volunteer, grow, help make a difference, & discover the awesomeness of you.  

There are many volunteer opportunities at the Hull Foundation.  To learn more, please contact our office via email at or by calling 503-668-6195. 

Tech Tip:  New iPhones

By Marty Sobo, Sight Loss Instructor

New iPhone 13 – Regular and Mini Versions 

The new iPhone 13 Regular and Mini are exactly the same in every way except their size. They have new processors, better brighter screens, and longer battery life.  This is especially true with the mini version. The cameras are updated with higher resolution photos and better video. The base hard drive size now starts at 128 gigs which is upgraded from the previous model at 64 gigs. There are a few new color options to choose from.

New iPhone 13 Pro – Regular and Max 

Versions The new iPhone Pro 13 comes in two sizes. Regular and Max. These phones are identical in every way except for their size. They have new upgraded faster chips inside, newer high-resolution cameras, and high-definition video. The display is a higher resolution brighter display than the previous version. They have longer battery life. They start at 128 gig hard drive and go all the way up to 1 TB.

For more information on the new phones and other newly released Apple Products visit their website at:

“Reading in the Dark” Book Club

When:  Tuesdays, October 10th and 26th at 10:00am. 

After taking a summer break we had our first meeting on September 14th and discussed the following books: 

Even Now DB65716 and Ever After DB66031

Kingsbury, Karen. Reading time: 10 hours, 18 minutes.
Summary: Eighteen-year-old Emily Anderson sets out to find her birth parents–Lauren Gibbs, a war correspondent in Afghanistan and Iraq, and Top Gun flight instructor Shane Galanter–who were torn apart by lies at Emily’s birth. Emily finally locates them, but it will take faith and determination to reunite the family. 

Our next book will be:  An Invisible Thread: by Laura L. Schroff, and Alex Tresniowski DB 78948.  The True story of an 11-Year-Old panhandler, a busy sales executive, and an unlikely meeting with destiny, tells the true story of an unlikely friendship that had ramifications that neither could have foreseen.

Join us for a fun hour of discussion and comradery!  We also talk about other book suggestions. Come prepared with ideas for our next books!

Sight Loss Artists Event

The Hull Foundation is hosting our first Online Art Event featuring artists with sight loss. We contacted artists from far and wide to submit their works of art.  A huge thank you to each and every person participating in this first annual event.  We want to help raise awareness about artistic expression for adults with sight loss.  Each artist will write a bio about their works and about how their sight loss has influenced their artwork. Opening night for the auction will be Friday, October 8 at 6pm via Zoom.  Come join us and meet the artists who have submitted their beautiful works of art.  For more about the artists, their art, and the event, please visit our website at and check our social media page on Facebook at Hull Foundation and Learning Center for adults with blindness & sight loss. 

Hull Foundation Presents Zoom Meetings

Our October Zoom meetings have something for everyone and are full of interesting topics that can assist you in your everyday life. Bring a friend or spouse!  Sighted or not!! If you would like to sign up to receive a weekly email with the Zoom schedule for the week and the links to the meetings, please email the office at or call us at 503-668-6195.  If you are not an email user, then you can call us on Mondays to receive the call-in number and Meeting ID number for meetings you are interested in attending via phone. 

October Zoom Schedule:

Tuesday 10/5/21 1-2pm

Hadley:  A New Century of Learning with Marc Arneson

Tuesday 10/5/21 7-8pm

Interviews with White Cane Users:  Taking my cane out of the closet

Wednesday 10/6/21 10-11am

Guest speaker J.J. Meddaugh, owner of A.T. Guys

Wednesday 10/6/21 1-2pm

Around the World and Beyond in Less than 80 Days Walkathon

Thursday 10/7/21 1-2pm

Group Chat- How are you Doing and How are you Dealing?

Friday 10/8/21 6-7pm

Sight Loss Artist Event Opening Night

Tuesday 10/12/21 10-11am

Reading in the Dark Book Club

Tuesday 10/12/21 1-2:30pm

5 W’s of White Cane Safety

Wednesday 10/13/21 10-11am

Group Chat- Macular Degeneration

Wednesday 10/13/21 1-2pm

Apps to Get You Around Town

Thursday 10/14/21 10-11am

Group Chat- Fun with White Canes:  Charms, Blings, and Locator Tags

Thursday 10/14/21 1-2pm

In the Kitchen with Kat

Tuesday 10/19/21 10-11am

Access Options with Lyft and Uber

Tuesday 10/19/21 1-2pm

Read More Books:  Learn about the BARD App and How to Use It

Wednesday 10/20/21 10-11am

Introduction to Mac Computers 1

Wednesday 10/20/21 1-2pm

Update for Around the World and Beyond in Less than 80 Days Walkathon 

Thursday 10/21/21 1-2pm

Group Chat- Dry Eye

Thursday 10/21/21 6:30-7:30pm

Group Chat- How are you Doing and How are you Dealing?

Tuesday 10/26/21 10-11am

Reading in the Dark Book Club

Tuesday 10/26/21 1-2pm

What’s New in Android Accessibility?

Tuesday 10/26/21 7-8pm

Supporting our Loved Ones with Sight Loss

Wednesday 10/27/21 1-2pm

Group Chat- Sight and Hearing Loss

Thursday 10/28/21 1-2pm

Group Chat- Favorite Halloween Memories

Living with Sight Loss Seminar

Your Hull Foundation Team is planning an educational seminar October 13-15. We will cover a variety of topics related to daily living skills, orientation and mobility, and more, through immersion workshops designed to help you adjust to changes brought on by sight loss.  Please email the office at or call 503-668-6195 for more information and registration details. 

Virtual Walkathon

By Kat Rogers, Sight Loss Instructor

Hello everyone, it’s that time of year again. The seasons are changing, and our next walkathon is going to be starting. I’m hoping that we can have even more people joining us this time. It is called “Around the world and beyond in less than 80 days”. I’m hoping to get lots of input from each and every one of you who are participating.

For those of you who are not familiar with our walkathons, we aim to keep us all active and each individual participates virtually at their own pace and in their own unique style. This walkathon is going to start at Lincoln City Oregon, and we will be jaunting about the world starting off heading West. We are looking forward to virtually visiting the seven wonders of the world, many new countries that we’ve not visited in the past and getting to experience and speak with wondrous new animals and people along the way. I have located some quite interesting places and venues to stay as well as unique cuisine.

If you have not already replied to emails and would like to join us, please send in your email address with your phone number and I will add you to our list. Specify if you would like emails or text. If you have a particular place you would like us to walk through virtually, send that information as well. I always welcome fellow writers as well. We have a couple of volunteers to cover certain areas and you are more than welcome to join us. You can learn more and receive updates in some of our October Zooms!  Please contact me at my direct email at:

Membership Month

Join our Zooms and watch your email for information about the benefits of being a member of Hull Foundation and Learning Center.

Upcoming Events

Monster Mash Getaway- Oct. 26-29, 2021

Winter Holiday Getaway- Dec. 7-10, 2021

Winter Adventure Retreat- Feb. 6-12, 2022

Spring Fling Getaway- April 5-8, 2022

Friends and Alumni Retreat- June 5-9, 2022

Moderate Adventure Retreat- Aug. 10-16, 2022

High Adventure Retreat- Aug. 24-30, 2022

Jokes to Keep you Laughing…or Groaning!

-How do you fix a broken pumpkin? 

With a pumpkin patch!

-What did one autumn leaf say to another? I’m falling for you!

-What is the best thing to put into a pumpkin pie? 

Your teeth of course!

-Why did the scarecrow win the Nobel Prize? Because he was out-standing in his field!

Stay well, stay safe, stay happy!

The Hull Foundation Family

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