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Sight Loss Monthly November 2020

November 2020

The Hull Foundation’s

Sight Loss Monthly News


“The publishing of this newsletter is a service of The Oral Hull Foundation for the Blind and is not an endorsement of any contents.   All products, items and other information may be used at the sole discretion of the reader.”

Editors, Hull Foundation Staff


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Our Mission Statement:

The mission of the Oral Hull Foundation for the Blind is to provide programs, facilities and services including social, educational, and recreational activities for people who are blind and visually impaired.

“Keeping Hope & Dreams Alive!”

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43233 SE Oral Hull Road, Sandy, OR 97055

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Thanksgiving Conversations

      November is here!  The year 2020 is almost at its end.  Oh, what a year it has been!  Fortunately, the holidays are on their way and, although we may be celebrating differently this year, we hope you are looking forward to the festivities and preparing to welcome the new year.

      This month, many of us will be focusing on Thanksgiving and the bounty of harvest.  Our gardens have been put to rest, the first frost has visited many of us, and the honeybees are beginning to feast on the honey collected this summer.  Pumpkins are everywhere! Some of us are lucky enough to be smelling pumpkin pies, caramel apples, kettle corn, and pumpkin spice.  We may find ourselves in a moment’s silence with the warm sun on our face frequently interrupted with the crunching of fallen leaves and the waft of sweet earth reaching our senses.

      This November, we may find our family and friend time enjoyed from a distance. Thanksgiving may take place on the phone or over a Zoom meeting.  The presence of hugs, kisses, and snuggles may not be physically possible but we may be able to start some very important, if not entertaining, conversations with our loved ones. Want to try?

      The Hull Foundation thought you may need a little help with some conversation starters for those long-distance get-togethers.  Here are a few ideas, feel free to use them or be inspired and create your own! * 

  1. What have been the weirdest side dishes you’ve ever experienced?
  2. What’s your favorite pie?
  3. What’s been your worst or funniest holiday cooking disaster?
  4. How did you make cranberry sauce before canned sauce came around?
  5. If you could invite anyone to Thanksgiving dinner, who would it be?  Carol Burnett? Maya Angelou? Tom Selleck? Jesus? Buddha? Charlie Brown? Da Vinci?
  6. What crazy things do people do as children or young adults?
  7. Ask a Tween: What is Fortnite?
  8. Ask a Teen: Have older generations ruined the world?
  9. Ask a Teen: What is or what do you do on social media?
  10. What makes the best pet?
  11. Which are better: horses or motorcycles?
  12. Choose only one of the following modes of transportation: a donkey or giraffe?
  13. What would you say to your younger self?
  14. Express the most meaningful lesson in your life thus far?
  15. If you could go anywhere right now, where would you go and what would you do?
  16. What are you most thankful for this year?

*(Some ideas came from the Saturday Evening Post)

We hope this helps you have some good laughs and cherish your time together. 

      Happy Thanksgiving everyone!

      Warmest Wishes,

            The Staff at the Hull Foundation

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Functional Vision Assessment,
How Important Is It?

When glasses no longer help, magnification devices, lighting, and techniques might.  A Functional Vision Assessment performed by a low vision professional will help you learn about equipment and resources that can aid you in the use of your remaining functional vision.  By using magnification and controlling lighting, you can frequently improve completion of visual tasks. During your Functional Vision Assessment, you will also explore hand-held, portable, and desktop magnifiers.  Why give up your sewing, crafting, woodworking, reading mail, looking at photos, or other hobbies?  The Hull Foundation is able to give vision assessments in our Sandy office location and determine what type of assistive lighting or magnification might help you. We may even be able to give you an item we have to aid in you maximizing your remaining vision.  Our vision professional would be happy to set up an appointment for you or you can contact your personal vision care ophthalmologist or eye care center.  For more information, feel free to phone our office at 503-668-6195.

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Walk Across the United Kingdom
Hello Walkers and all Movers and Shakers!  We had so much fun with the Walk Across America Event this summer that we are starting another virtual walk activity!  This time we will be “walking” across the UK and Northern Ireland!  To participate in this activity, all you need to do is walk, do yard work, work on your favorite hobby, dance while making dinner, or anything that gets you moving!  Then you report your clocked time of activity to the office via email or by calling the office between 6-9pm and leaving your time and activity information on the voicemail.  Our story writers will convert your activity time into miles and your progress is translated into miles walked for the virtual travels!  Each day, the writers will email you the latest segment in the virtual story as our group “travels” across the UK.  During the story, you will learn wonderful things about the UK, “visit” famous landmarks and small villages, “eat” local foods, learn some history, and enjoy adventures with friends along the way!

For this activity, we are asking all participants to find sponsorships for their miles.  We have a pre-made form that you can pass on to your friends, family, and neighbors.  Any amount is fine!  You can even sponsor yourself.  This fun and interactive activity is a great way to raise much-needed funds for the Oral Hull Foundation and keep you healthy and connected to your Hull Park friends.

The start date will be Monday, November 9th.  There is time to find sponsorships!  And if you miss the start date, no problem.  You can join in or opt out anytime.  Please give our office a call to register so we can send you the daily reports.  We hope you will join us!  Imagine…. Covering miles while riding on a dragon’s back, crossing “the pond” on a whale, listening to bagpipes on a foggy moor, Christmas in England….  Your adventure awaits!

For more information, call our office at 503-668-6195.

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Tip of the Month: Clutter is not Your Friend

If you haven’t worn it, used it or read it within 12 months…then…great rid of it!  Donate it or give it away! 

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Gadget of the Month: Talking Cooking Digital Thermometer:
Just in time for holiday cooking and baking, you might want to invest in a Talking Cooking Digital Thermometer.  These can be purchased in the MaxiAids, Independent Living Aids and other assistive vision supply catalogs for $25-$40.

Features & specifications:
– Ideal, easy-to-use kitchen/cooking thermometer for all your cooking and baking needs
– Also great for checking water temperature (in both the kitchen and bath) and numerous other household applications
– Note: This is not intended for use as a medical thermometer
– Activates with the touch of a button
– Temperature ranges from minus 4F to plus 248F

      Since you’re also going to be baking up a storm with the holiday cookies, cakes and pies, don’t forget the Talking Weight Scales from $40-$70 from the same suppliers!

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Zoom Meetings

The Oral Hull Foundation hosts a variety of meetings via Zoom each month to stay informed and connected.  Some are educational based, some are discussions, and some are just for fun!  Here are our November Zoom events…

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Hull Foundation Presents

When:  November 4, at 1:00pm

Topic:  How to Access Information

Summary:  We will learn how to get information on current events, audio described movies and entertainment, talking books, and more.  We will open the discussion to hear other’s tip’s and ideas!

When:  November 18, at 10:00am

Topic:  The Reality of Aging

Summary:  It doesn’t have to be difficult if you are prepared for the long haul.  Come find out what that really means… for example, who’s going to change a light bulb?

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Workshops: “Living with Sight Loss” meetings

When:  November 3, at 10:00am

Topic:  Connecting to Others with Technology

Summary:  We will discuss practical ways of communicating effectively with others.  Then we will talk about using Smart phones, voice over, Siri, and pros and cons of using ear buds and Bluetooth. We will touch on the topic of using Apps. 

When:  November 10, at 1:00pm

Topic:  Working with Apps

Summary:  Getting into detail about Apps and their uses.

When:  November 17, at 10:00am

Topic:  Tools for Walking Safely and the Power of the Cane.

Summary:  Benefits of the cane.  Does size matter? There’s a right and wrong way.  Finding a new “Best Friend”!

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Reading in the Dark Book Club

When:  First and third Thursdays- November 5th and 19th at 10:00am

For our November 5th meeting, we are reading “A Painted House” by John Grisham.  DB51331.  Join us for a fun hour of discussion and comradery!  We also talk about other book suggestions.  Here are some of our book club’s suggestions listed below:

“The Midwife’s Confession” by Diane Chamberlain.

“A Sense of the World:  How a Blind Man became History’s Greatest Traveler” by Jason Roberts.

“A Bag of Bones” by Steven King.

We love your feedback!

If there is a workshop topic you would like to learn about, a discussion group topic that you’d like to share or a book you’d love to suggest, let us know!  You can always drop us a line by emailing us at or by giving our office a call at 503-668-6195.  We would love to hear from you!

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Jokes to Keep Us Laughing

-Why did Mom’s turkey seasoning taste a little off?

Because she ran out of thyme!

-What’s one thing that you’ll have in common with a teddy bear on Thanksgiving?

You’ll both be filled with stuffing.

-Why were the beans accused of being jealous of the other side dishes?

They were so green.

Have a Happy Thanksgiving!

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