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Low Vision Monthly Newsletter June 2020

June 2020

The Hull Foundation’s

Low Vision Monthly News

Editor:  Julie Wright





Our Mission Statement:

The mission of the Oral Hull Foundation for the Blind is to provide programs, facilities and services including social, educational and recreational activities for people who are blind and visually impaired.

“Keeping Hope & Dreams Alive!”

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Come Join Our Walk Across the USA!

Hello Friends, 

     Well, it seems things may just start opening up in our communities.  Though large groups are still not possible, we see some local stores starting to open.  This doesn’t mean we are all comfortable being out and about.  Most of us are probably waiting to see how it goes. 

     Whatever your comfort level, remember you can always join us at the Hull Foundation by phone or computer!  In fact, we need you to get some miles.  This month, we started an exercise group.  Our goal?  To walk from Lincoln City, OR to Cape Cod, MA. VIRTUALLY!  Every day, we tally up everyone’s miles (exercise or any kind of moving activity) and we send out a note to tell you where we are on our journey.  So far, we have made 1,000 miles!  So exciting!

     You can send us your miles, too!  Before you say, “I can’t”, remember what Mary Lee always says, “Lets change those ‘I cant’s’ to ‘I cans!’”  Any kind of exercise or hobby time works!  20 minutes of activity equals 1 mile. Just call the office after 6:00 pm and leave a message with the amount of time you clocked or the miles you walked.  We do the rest.

     Join us!  Our group has grown to 12 and we want you to join it! So far, we have ridden ostriches, whitewater rafted, visited wineries, and even backpacked through the Nez Perce Clearwater National Forrest. We are headed for Bozeman, MT now!

     Office phone number: 503-668-6195

     Hope to see you on the trail! …And face-to-face in September!  If things work out, we hope to hold our Arts and Hobbies seminar and a weeklong Adventure Retreat in September.  Call us if you would want to come!

     Sincerely Yours,

           Julie and the staff at the Hull Foundation

I am adding a days’ worth of adventures from our Walk Across America, virtual review, at the end of this newsletter.  Enjoy!


Tip and Gadget of the Month:  Sunglasses

          This time of year, the sun starts to shine so much brighter.  We wrote an article back in March 2018 about different types of sunglasses that can help those with low vision. We are still asked by professionals for copies to share with their clients.  We felt, it might be a good idea for us to share it with our readers once more.  Here it is…

     Let’s talk about sunglasses in hopes the sun will visit more now that Spring is on its way! There are many factors to consider when choosing the correct pair. Have you heard of VLT? Do you know the difference between tinted and filtered lenses? Do you know that different colored filters can help with specific visual needs? If you answered “no” to any of those questions, please continue reading.

     VLT is Visual Light Transmitted. Simply said, it is the amount of visual light that comes through a lens. VLT refers to all visual light, not just ultraviolet or infrared light and is represented as a percentage. The higher the VLT value, the more light is let in. For example, let’s consider a room with a window. If that window had a VLT 5 rating, it would be a dark colored window, allow only 5% of visual light through it and create a very dark room. If the window had a VLT 80 rating, it would be a very clear window, allow 80% of the visual light through it, and create a room with lots of natural light.

     Tints versus Filters. What we call “light” is actually made up of many different colors that are measured in different wavelengths. Consider the rainbow. The order of the color in the rainbow: red, orange, yellow, green, blue, indigo, and violet. The top part of the rainbow, red, orange, and yellow, have longer

wavelengths and is called “infrared light”. The bottom part of the rainbow, blue, indigo and violet, have shorter wavelengths and is called “ultraviolet light”. When those shorter wavelengths pass over the lens of our eye, it can scatter and cause loss of contrast and acuity.

     Tints block all wavelengths, long and short. However, filters are made to block specific wavelengths. Most filters block the short wavelengths of ultraviolet and blue lights which cause damage to retinas over time. Filters can also block longer wavelengths of infrared lights. This cuts the overall heat energy reaching the retina and may be more comfortable.

     Knowing what light you want to block can help you choose your sunglasses more wisely.

There are different colored filters to choose from depending on your needs. The following list is from the LS&S Catalog and names filter color options and general uses.

1. Amber Filters increase contrast and improve depth perception in low light, offering superb light conditions.

2. Gray Filters minimize color distortion in bright conditions.

3. Yellow Filters provide excellent depth perception and contrast in low light.

4. Copper Filters are a general-purpose color which heightens visual acuity and enhances color (brightest field of vision).

     You may want different types of filters and VLT depending on whether you are inside or outside or performing specific tasks. It is important to have a professional help you choose your sunglasses. They may suggest something that works better for your needs and save you some money.

     If you would like more information about sunglasses, you can contact the following:

1. The Hull Foundation for the Blind

Phone: 503-668-6195

The Foundation can schedule a one-on-one vision assessment in our Low Vision Room – we have several sunglasses you can try to discover which one(s) works best for you.

2. Oregon Commission for the Blind

Phone: 971-673-1588

Can offer sunglass assessments and other services to those who qualify.

3. Ken Twergo:

Low Vision Store in Vancouver, WA

Phone: 888-216-1912)

This Month’s Book suggestion   

The following book title starts with a DBC number.  This is a catalog number given when using the free Talking Book service through the National Library Service.  Don’t have Talking Books yet or need to sign up for BARD, their online book library?  Call them at 1-888-657-7323

      This book was provided by one of our readers. Did you have a great read?  Share it with us and we’ll put it in the newsletter.

·    DBC 45356 “The Diary of Mattie Spenser” by Dallas, Sandra.  A woman finds the diary of her grandmother, Mattie Spenser, an American pioneer. In 1865 Mattie marries in Iowa and heads off to the Colorado prairie. She grows into a woman complicated by the harsh life in a sod house, the birth and death of children, and the faithlessness of her beloved husband.

June’s “Hull Foundation Presents…!”

First Wednesday

When:  June 3, 2020  

Where:  Zoom Meeting ID: 99127625481

Phone Number: 1-669-900-6833 OR 1-253-215-8782

Time:  1:00 p.m.

Discussion Topic. Tips for Eating Healthy. The topic will be presented, and you are welcome to share your own tips during open forum.

Third Wednesday

When:  Wednesday, June 20, 2020  

Where:  Zoom Meeting ID: 93190582632

Phone Number: 1-669-900-6833 OR 1-253-215-8782

Time:  10:00 a.m.

Discussion Topic

A regular attendee will give a presentation she put together all about games. 


If you have a topic you would like to present, let us know! 


Special Report – Walk Across America – Day 1 & 2

Day 1 (May 7,2020)

Well, Good morning to you all on this 7th day of May!

We all had a great time as we gathered this chilly morning on Siletz Bay for some clam digging to initiate our journey.  The cold 50-degree ocean water woke us right up as it lapped around our ankles and those that chose to dig for clams got a beautiful bounty of purple varnish clams.  The families of those who delivered us to the bay took them home for good cooking later as we all set out on our mission to Cape Cod.  There was laughter and hugs as we all became giddy to get started and the sun greeted our happy faces.  Off we went, passing Merle’s house and hollering to the ocean, “See you later, Pacific!!  We’ll say ‘Hello” to your sister, “Atlantic” for you!”

10 miles later, we stopped at the Otis Cafe, in Otis.  Julie told us she trained a sweet, long-legged yellow guide dog named Otis as we ate a huge down home, fully delicious breakfast-for-travelers of black molasses bread, German potatoes, buttermilk waffles, crispy bacon, and whatever else you ordered.  We are ready to roll! 

Now we are on our 12th mile into our trip, walking along the southern bank of the Salmon River as it flows parallel to Highway 18.  We just past the Salmon River Hatchery.  With food in our bellies and sun in our hearts, someone begins to sing your favorite song..

Day 2 (May 8,2020)

Ah… what a way to start a beautiful sunny day.  It’s so nice to be sitting with you all at the beautiful stone and wood Maysara Winery with our feet up and our drinks in hand.  I’m not quite sure how Wes found the hot chocolate at a winery but it smells wonderful.  We all seem to be in a peaceful state of mind after traveling 36.5 more miles yesterday.  Of course, I can’t tell if it’s a beautiful morning, birds are singing their sweet melodies and keeping us in this meditative and peaceful state, or if it’s the fact that we were wild and crazy fun-loving money spending crazies at the Spirit Mountain Casino 22 miles ago.  I have to say, I think that place wore us out. I have never heard such a ruckus in all my life!  Hearing the hoopla from Merle and Kat at the blackjack table was something to behold!  I think we finally found Sharon’s shoe in the arcade and Clark talking it up with the dealer at the poker table.  You know, I don’t think he even laid a single bet, but he had some great stories that kept a big group of us laughing up a storm!  Remember when he said he spotted a leopard once?  You would have thought he knew they were born like that!  Ha Ha (pun intended).  I tell you, what an adventure!  I’m so glad LaNeil was able to pull us out of there when he did, a few more minutes and we all would have had to be committed to the Funny Farm.

So now, let us just take a few minutes to soak in our morning sun, stretch and yawn to the warmth of the breeze and begin our journey once again.  No more casinos!  Blue skies from here on out.  If we keep going like we are, we just may make it to Portland today!

By the way, when we got to Salem, the capital of Oregon, Governor Brown came out to cheer us on and noted that we were great Oregonians because we all had our masks on!

Thanks for reading!
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